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Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl has come along way since the 70's so thanks to improved techniques and advanced 3D imaging technology, there's no wonder vinyl flooring is still competitive in the domestic flooring market.

Vinyl is different to LVT as it comes on a roll but don't kid yourself, you can design your pattern, have cushioning underneath and the range is expansive, from wood effect to stone, geometric to plain - and it still is the easiest and cheapest on the market. We offer a huge range of options so please click on our suppliers on our SAMPLE PAGE or call us to discuss what you need.



Vinyl tiles are a type of flooring that comes in 9×9 or 12×12 sizes. These squares are easy to lay down and keep in a geometric pattern.

You find tiles that are either multi-layered or inlay.
Multi-layer tiles can withstand some abuse over time as the layers wear down but can be noticeable as the under layers will differ slightly in color.

Inlay tiles have a texture and pattern that goes through the entirety of the tile. This maintains the color and looks even as layers wear down.  

Sheet Flooring

Sheet flooring is more the wallpaper style roll you might have been thinking of before. This flooring rolls out like a carpet, and then seals down.

It can be sealed with an adhesive, not unlike the peel and stick flooring, for fast installation. 

Loose-lay sheets don’t require an adhesive and fit by being cut to the precise size of the room where it’s being installed. 

Vinyl-backed sheets use adhesives at the edges, leaving the middle to more or less lay flat.


These should be installed professionally to avoid curling and cracking.


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