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Natural Flooring

Natural carpets are floor coverings made from natural materials. They are un-dyed, unprocessed, and made from raw products such as wool, seagrass, jute, coir and sisal.

It’s these materials that make these natural floor coverings eco-friendly, something that appeals to homeowners looking for more sustainable and ecological flooring products. On top of this green aspect, natural flooring also offers a stylish, warm and rustic feel, adding real design sophistication to any living space. As their organic tones and textures vary slightly between the same products, each natural fibre carpet is totally unique.



Seagrass carpets are incredibly durable and are more resistant to tears than other types of natural flooring which makes them perfect for areas with high foot traffic such as hallways. Seagrass wall to wall carpets are also allergen-free as their hard fibres repel dust. All our seagrass fitted carpets are handwoven and undyed, which means every carpet is unique. . 


The fineness of jute’s natural fibres mean that jute carpets are very soft underfoot, making it an ideal wall to wall carpet for bedrooms and snugs. Due to its natural warm brown and tan hues, jute carpets compliments most decors, from modern to traditional.



Crafted from Indian coconut husks, natural coir carpets exude warmth thanks to their comforting golden hues and rich texture. Each roll varies subtly in hue and colour, meaning you get a truly unique carpet. Coir (coconut husk) is sustainably sourced, biodegradable and handwoven. Due to the coconut husk’s fibres, coir wall to wall carpets are extremely durable and can withstand repeated use. This makes them  ideal for high traffic areas such as hallways.


Natural sisal carpets have long been a favourite with interior designs thanks to their earthy, rustic texture. Add to that sisal’s higher-than-average durability, and it makes them the perfect  wall to wall carpets for high traffic areas such as hallways and living rooms. Sisal carpeting is environmentally friendly because of its sustainable growth, non-toxic makeup and biodegradability.

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